DALLAS (KDAF) — Okay boomers, and we’re not talking to the older generation here, we’re talking to the top boomtowns across America that are seeing the most economic growth and in turn, are the fastest-growing cities in the country in 2022.

A study conducted by Smart Asset found the fastest-growing cities in the country during this past year. They looked at data from nearly 500 of the largest cities in America like the growth of population, income, GDP, businesses, housing, and changes in unemployment.

“Economic uncertainty has been a top concern for most Americans over the past several months, and many experts predict that financial struggles will continue into the new year. However, despite the many challenges Americans have faced nationwide, there are some U.S. cities that have managed to grow in recent years,” the study said.

These Texas cities were ranked among the top 50, even some cracking into the top 10 boomtowns in America:

  • No. 4 New Braunfels
  • No. 6 Conroe
  • No. 9 Lewisville
  • No. 19 Denton
  • No. 26 Cedar park
  • No. 33 McKinney
  • No. 42 Frisco
  • No. 46 Sugar Land
  • No. 48 Round Rock
  • No. 50 Flower Mound

Smart Asset had this to say about each of the Texas cities ranked in the top 10:

“The top boomtown in Texas is New Braunfels, which has the second-highest population and housing growth between 2016 and 2021 (36.10% and 40.86%, respectively). Additionally, Comal County, where New Braunfels is located, has the eighth-highest business growth rate between 2015 and 2020 (23.94%) and average annual GDP growth has exceeded 4%.”

“Conroe, Texas ranks highest in five-year housing growth taking the No. 22 spot for this metric (25.30%). The city’s population is also growing, increasing by 14.71% over the same time period, between 2016 and 2021. Conroe is located in Montgomery County which ranks in the top 30 for both its annual GDP and business growth rates.”

“In Lewisville, Texas, there’s been nearly a 16% increase in the number of housing units available. The population in the area has grown by almost 8% and household incomes are up just over 30%. The county in which Lewisville is located is also doing well, ranking 10th-best for business growth and 21st-best for its annualized GDP growth rate.”

Smart Asset