Top 7 Texas road trip destinations

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DALLAS — Summer’s almost over, which means there’s just enough time for one last family vacation, but probably not enough time to book a flight. So what is there to see here in the good ol’ Lone Star State?

Local historian Mary Rose Rumbley gave a presentation at the Dallas Historical Society, talking about the old Texas roads replaced by highways and interstates, and the perfect Texas Road Trip.

“There’s no more Route 66, it’s I-40,” said Rumbley. “No more Bankhead Highway, I-20. No more Old Spanish Road, that’s I-10. So interstates have taken over and people don’t see the countryside like they used to.”

So what’s Mary Rose’s perfect, off-the-beaten path, historic Texas road trip? Here’s her Top 7:

1. Columbus - Which is home to the famous Stafford Opera House and the Santa Claus Museum.

2. Sulphur Springs - She suggests hitting up the city during the annual Hopkins County Stew Festival.

3. Weatherford - Just about an hour drive from Dallas, so it’s the nearest installment on this list!

4. Mineral Wells - Known for their mineral water and the haunted Baker Hotel.

5. Eastland - Home to the quirky legend of “Old Rip”, a local horned toad.

6. Van Horn - Their big claim to fame? Van Horn is the farthest west town that’s still in the Central Time Zone. So yeah, it’s a bit of a drive.

7. McLean - An old Route 66 town that carries on The Mother Road’s memory.

If you leave now, it’ll only be about a 2,000-mile round trip to see ‘em all! So it's better to just pick an old road and stick to it, and get out there and see historic Texas while it’s still there--or at least before school goes back into session!

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