DALLAS (KDAF) — When you think of Thanksgiving in Texas you might be thinking of the meats, the hefty carbs, and the unnecessary amount of desserts to choose from, but did you know that one of the most popular recipes for this year’s turkey day is a vegetarian dish?

We checked out a report from Yorktest on the most popular Thanksgiving recipes in every state this year and some of the findings may surprise, especially for the Lone Star State.

“A Thanksgiving with no turkey? This may seem drastic to some – it is an iconic main, after all – however, a recent study found that roast turkey isn’t the most popular Thanksgiving recipe in 2022. Instead, people across America are searching for more meat-free recipes to impress,” the report said.

For the state of Texas, eyes are away from the turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and desserts as the focus seems to be on stuffed butternut squash. The report states that vegetarian mains are soaring in popularity throughout the country.

“Corn casserole and stuffed butternut squash have soared in popularity as the most searched-for recipes in six states, with a 200% search increase for corn casserole in Utah and stuffed butternut squash in Iowa. Since about ten percent of Americans over the age of 18 consider themselves vegan or vegetarian, these are most likely the go-to veggie mains for this year,” the report said.