DALLAS (KDAF) – History can be found in books, museums, podcasts, and more of the same, but restaurants hold history that you can consume, taste and enjoy time and time again.

So, we all know that America’s obsession with fast food will never end, and it’s helpful for everyone from families with no time to cook to people looking to cheat on their diet in the best way possible.

We checked out a report from Love Food on the most historic fast food join in every US state and Texas’ pick has us looking for Frito pie burgers, mac ‘n’ cheese-topped burgers and much more.

These staples can be found at a small spot called Lankford Grocery in the city of Houston.

This tiny restaurant and market began life as a food stall in 1938, later growing to become a deli and eventually a fully fledged burger restaurant. Despite the name, the food goes far beyond grab-and-go sandwiches. The current menu lets the cooks get creative, with creations like a Frito pie burger and a mac ‘n’ cheese-topped burger, as well as more standard hot dogs and salads,” the report explained.