DALLAS(KDAF)—There’s nothing like a wedding, from the dress to the flowers everything is beautiful, but it can get pretty expensive, especially the venue.

There are some great cities and some terrible ones for outside weddings according to Lawn Love. The lawn service site didn’t list any Texas cities in the top ten, but Denton did rank #16 for the best in Texas. Carrollton came in at #22 and Grand Prairie at #35.

Lawn Love said “To determine the Best Cities for Outdoor Weddings, we determined the most relevant factors like Venue Access, Venue Quality, Affordability, Professional Services, Reception Needs, Wedding Look, Accommodations, and Climate.

Waco ranked #1 for the highest average in consumer rating for outdoor wedding venues, and Grand Prairie came in #1 for the best city to have the biggest share of budget-friendly outdoor wedding venues.

Lawn Love said “When it comes to admirable and affordable altarsGrand Prairie, Texas #. 35), takes first place in Venue Quality, followed by Denton, Texas # 16)and Thornton, Colorado # 21. Along with high rankings in Affordability, each of these cities offers award-winning outdoor venues, too”.

Check the entire list below, and see if you agree or disagree.