DALLAS (KDAF) — Would you like fries with whatever might be in front of you right now?

Well of course you do, french fries are arguably the best side mankind has ever created, but have you ever wondered where you need to go in order to get the best?

We checked out a report from Eat This, Not That! on the best french fries in every state, and while you might think this is controversial, you’ll just have to go out and give it a good ole fashioned taste test!

For the Lone Star State, the report says, that you’ll have to travel over to Austin and get some fries at Hyde Park Bar & Grill.

Hyde Park serves their signature fries with a special secret recipe dipping sauce. The fries are a work of art, drenched in buttermilk, coated with flour, and seasoned flawlessly with black pepper and spices. They are served in small portions to feed a few and a large appetizer portion that will feed up to six,” the report said.