DALLAS (KDAF) — As the fall season is continuing to the point where winter is right around the corner, you might want to get going on those fall activities before it’s too late!

One of those super fan fall activities is apple picking! What better day to go pick some apples and sip on a glass of delicious apple cider on none other than Apple Cider Day on Friday, November 18!

“Apples are harvested during the fall season. Cider thus represents the coming of Autumn,” NationalToday said.

A report from Reader’s Digest has pooled together the best places to go apple picking in every state in the U.S. “There’s something about picking apples that gets us in the fall spirit. We love going to an apple orchard, picking our own apples and using them to bake delicious apple treats. Plus, it’s an activity anyone, at any age, can enjoy,” the report said.

In the state of Texas, you’ll have to travel over to Medina and walk amongst the fields of Love Creek Orchards.

“Craving a fresh apple in the middle of summer? You’ll have to make the trip to Love Creek Orchards, the only place in the United States with tree-ripened apples ready to be picked in early July. No ladder climbing or heavy lifting necessary, either: The orchard comprises 500 dwarf apple trees (don’t worry, the apples themselves are full-size), which only grow as tall as six feet,” Reader’s Digest wrote.