DALLAS (KDAF) — Everyone loves a fancy schmancy rooftop bar or unique speakeasies, and Texas is filled with them, but there’s nothing quite like a good ole fashioned dive bar.

Most people of drinking age more than likely have their go-to dive bar to enjoy cheap drinks and great food, but have you ever wondered where some of the best dive bars in the country are?

Yelp recently released a collection of the top dive bars in the country and we’re excited to share the Texas spot that was crowned top in the state. “This is an all-time list of the top dive bars in every state according to Yelp. We identified businesses in the dive bars category, then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews,” Yelp said.

When it comes to the best in the Lone Star State, you’ll have to drive down to Airport Boulevard in Austin and walk into Skylark Lounge. It’s just one of those places that sparkle, just like the stars in space (if you know you know). This spot is known as Austin’s best blues and soul live music venue.

It’s a part dive bar and part live music venue, truly the best of both worlds when enjoying some adult beverages.