DALLAS (KDAF) — One of the most popular proteins in the world, chicken, can be made in more ways than you can dress up a doll and one of the best ways in the entire food world is curry.

Thursday, January 12 is National Chicken Curry Day and it’s due time to celebrate the deliciousness that India has provided with this form of cooked chicken.

“This fantastic dish has been filling our bellies in the Western world since the 1800s and has been in existence long before then. We have India to thank for providing us with this delicious recipe, which has since spread all over the world, reaching the United Kingdom, America, and the Caribbean,” National Today said.

So, we know it’s delicious, but where can we get the best? We checked out Yelp’s report on the top Indian eateries across the U.S.

“From classic dishes like garlic naan, biryani and spicy curries to modern Indian fusion fare, there is no shortage of variety on this list. Enjoy a meal paired with a refreshing cocktail in the ornately decorated dining room at Royal Taj in Maryland or grab some street cart samosas and chaat from Mysttik Masala in NYC. This list has something to satisfy every palette and every budget,” the report said.

So, all you’ll have to do is head down to South Texas and get some curry from Kingsville’s Spice Station! It’s got butter chicken, chicken curry, fish curry, ginger chicken masala, chicken tikka masala and much more.