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DALLAS (KDAF) — Finding a good podcast to listen to for a long road trip or to get through the work day is a must these days as there’s a podcast out there on almost any and every subject imaginable.

However, this craze had to begin with the best, true crime. There’s no question that the true crime category has birthed the podcast craze and arguably has the best podcast hosts, shows, and episodes out there. But if true crime isn’t your thing, you can learn about history, food, life, comedy, sports and much, much more.

We’re talking about the podcast craze because Friday, September 30 is International Podcast Day! “Radio is so twentieth-century. The world has long moved on from the world of radio and into the world of podcasting. A forced marriage between “iPod” and “broadcasting” lead to the creation of the word, and while the iPod has long gone extinct, its namesake form of media is here to stay,” NationalToday says.

While there is a plethora of podcasts to listen to, we want to make sure you knew about the Texas-based true crime pods out there for your next listen-through.

Here’s a look at some of the best Texas true crime podcasts out there:

  • Gone Cold podcast – Texas True Crime
  • Selena: A Star Dies in Texas
  • Tom Brown’s Body
  • All Crime No Cattle
  • Dr. Death
  • Texas 10-31: A Texas True Crime Podcast
  • Murder City: True Crime of Houston, Texas
  • Texas Crime Files
  • Texas Wine and True Crime