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DALLAS (KDAF) — It’s pizza time in the United States as National Pizza Day will be celebrated on Thursday, February 9 and if you’re a true lover of pizza, you’ll want the very best.

But that begs the question, who’s got the best pizza in America?

We checked out a report from Trips to Discover to answer that very question as they’ve found the 20 best pizza spots in the US, “Deep dish or New York style? Classic marinara or olive oil and garlic? Cheese or supreme? What defines a truly perfect pizza?

“It just depends on what you are looking for. We’ve tracked down the top-rated pizza joints in pizza-loving cities across the United States, and while not all the same style, you better bet you can get one killer slice of pie at these classic favorites. Pizza has become a beloved adopted favorite amongst Americans, so if you are in town, drop in for a taste of some of the best available.”

When you think of Texas, you may not consider it among the hotspots for pizza in the US, and now’s the perfect time to change that way of thinking as the report found two Texas pizzerias ranked among the 20 best in the country.

The first is Big Lou’s down in San Antonio.

“A Texas pun would be too easy, so we will just say they have some of the biggest pies around at Big Lou’s in San Antonio. Not just a novelty, the place has some pretty cool flavor combos like barbecue with pickles. But having a pizza that engulfs the table and produces over foot long slices is pretty much everyone’s dream, right,” the report said.

The next can be found in Austin at Bufalina Due!

“Austin is beloved for its BBQ, with plenty of controversy about who makes the best, but there is no debate when it comes to pizza. The expertly prepared Neopolitan pies at Bufalina Due, baked in a Stefano Ferrara wood-burning oven, frequently earn rave reviews from diners and critics. They can be paired with natural wine and enjoyed both indoors and out. No matter how you indulge, you’re sure to be impressed with the complex flavors that are said to elevate a guilty pleasure to fine dining fare,” the report said.