DALLAS (KDAF) — When it comes to chicken sandwiches there is a simplicity to them that doesn’t veer too far away from what’s expected when people order one at a restaurant of any caliber.

Maybe that’s what keeps this food item so popular, but what about those wild, crazy, and unique chicken sandwiches that dare to push the limits of normality beyond the two buns, fried chicken, pickles, and sauce?

We checked out a report that looks into those chicken sandwiches throughout the country that go above and beyond when it comes to flavors, ingredients, and more.

Tasting Table found the 15 most original chicken sandwiches across the U.S. and, of course, two Texas eateries clucked into the list.

For the first of these unique chicken sandwiches, you’ll have to wear your comfy pants when dining at Pollos Las Abuelas in the city of Austin. When there, you will have to try the El Martin during its exclusive weekend offering, “This chicken sandwich is a beautiful concoction made with hot sauce-brined chicken breasts, expertly cooked egg, Jack cheese, chipotle mayo, and the cherry on top — bacon glazed with Mexican Coca-Cola,” the report said.

Next up, head down to Houston and try out Local Foods’ crunchy chicken sandwich where you can skip the usual deep friedness without missing the crispiness. “Instead of deep-frying the chicken breast for its Crunchy Chicken Sandwich, the team at Local Foods oven roasts it, shreds it, and surrounds it with two hyper-crackling layers of great ingredients. The result is a sandwich that gives you the satisfying mouthfeel of fried chicken with a totally different flavor profile and texture,” the report said.