DALLAS (KDAF) — Getting exercise is always a part of everyone’s new year’s resolutions and running is an amazing form of exercise, especially when you’re able to hit the streets of your home city and enjoy Mother Nature.

A new report from ARRIS Composites found the best and worst cities for runners throughout the country after analyzing datasets and surveying 1,000 Americans to learn about running habits this year.

For almost half of Americans, running is a way to exercise, reenergize, or even de-stress. Here at ARRIS, performance is critical, whether you’re an elite athlete or a running enthusiast. Our sporting goods team works with your favorite athletic brands to create lighter, stronger, better-performance footwear by way of manufacturing advanced carbon fiber plates—this is not your everyday plate for running,” the report said.

Here’s a look at the Texas cities that ended up on the not-so-nice list for the 10 worst-running cities:

  • Houston No. 4
  • San Antonio No. 6
  • Fort Worth No. 9