DALLAS (KDAF) – The new year brings new goals whether it’s financial, jobs, or your dating life, but it can be hard to keep up with them.

One of the hardest combinations of goals to maintain is to save money, while at the same time focusing on your dating life and getting back out there. However, it is hard but not impossible.

We checked out a study conducted by SmartAsset on the best cities for dating on a budget in 2023, especially around Valentine’s Day.

One of the key findings from this report is found in Texas, “The cheapest movie tickets are found in this Texas city. Corpus Christi has the cheapest average movie tickets in our study. Two adults can see a movie on a Saturday night for just $17.70, which is nearly half the price of two tickets in New York ($34.25).”

Here’s a look at the Texas cities where it’s easier to date on a budget:

  • Corpus Christi – 6
  • El Paso – 10
  • Fort Worth – 11
  • Houston – 28 (tie)
  • San Antonio – 39
  • Plano – 50
  • Austin – 51
  • Dallas 82