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AUSTIN (KXAN) — Millions of Americans are expected to take to the skies this Labor Day weekend, with passenger totals anticipated to reach pre-pandemic levels.

Long check-in and security lines aren’t the only things travelers have to contend with. Delays and canceled flights can cause major headaches too.

Using data from the Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), KXAN took a look at which airports and airlines have seen the most delayed and canceled flights this year.

BTS uses arriving flights when looking at delays and cancellations. A flight is considered delayed if it arrived at the gate 15 or more minutes after the scheduled arrival time, as reported by airlines.

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

AUS consistently sees more than 70% of arriving flights reaching the gate on time. So far this year, May is the month with the most on-time arrivals, 79%.

In June, that dropped to 70%, with more than a quarter of all flights delayed. February was the month with the most cancellations — about 8% — likely impacted by a major winter storm that brought snow, sleet and freezing rain to Austin.

When it comes to airlines, JetBlue Airways and Hawaiian Airlines have seen the most delays at AUS so far this year. More than a third of all arriving flights on both airlines were delayed between January and June.

JetBlue had the lowest proportion of on-time arrivals, with fewer than 60% of all flights reaching their gate within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time.

Frontier Airlines has the best on-time performance at AUS, with about 82% of flights on time between January and June.

When regional and subsidiary airlines are included, Endeavor Air takes the top spot, with 86.6% of arrivals on time. The airline is owned by Delta Air Lines and operates as Delta Connection.

Republic Airways, which operates flights as American Eagle, Delta Connection and United Express, is the top offender in Austin for most cancelled flights, with 6.7% of all arrivals cancelled between January and June. Low-cost carrier Allegiant Airlines is right behind, with 6.3% of flights cancelled.

Airports in Texas

BTS tracks on-time flight data at 26 airports in Texas, from major hubs like Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston George Bush to regional airports like Tyler and Abilene.

Dallas Love Field is the worst offender for flight delays. From January to June this year, 24% of all arriving flights at DAL were delayed by at least 15 minutes. At McAllen airport, 22% of arrivals were delayed, while Austin had the third-highest percentage of delayed flights, at 21.9%.

When it comes to cancellations, Wichita Falls has had the most, with 8% in the first half of the year. Of the state’s major airports, DFW has had the most canceled arrivals — 4% in total. Meanwhile, Harlingen’s Valley International had fewer than 2% of arrivals canceled.

Airports nationwide

According to the BTS data, 684,540 flights were delayed nationwide between January and June this year. That’s 21.7% of all flights in the country. Meanwhile, 106,037 were canceled — 3.2% of the total.

Florida is most prone to delays, with seven of the top 10 airports with most delayed arrivals. West Palm Beach takes the top spot, with almost a third of all arrivals delayed by more than 15 minutes between January and June.

Newark and New York LaGuardia had the most canceled arrivals — 6.6% and 6.5% respectively.

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