There ain’t enough room in Texas for two towns called Reno!

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RENO -- The tiny town of Reno, Texas is a delightful 12 square miles.

"Population wise, we are still doing okay," Police Chief Tim Holzschuh says.

About 3,000 people call Reno home. Well, that is, if you're talking about the Reno, Texas in Parker County.

"I am the mayor of Reno," Eric Hunter says.

Did he know there is another Texas town called Reno??

"I did not," Hunter responds. "I learned it when I moved this this Reno, actually."

Believe it, or not, there is another Reno, Texas, just a couple hours away.

It's a tale of two cities, and it seems there ain't enough room in Texas for the both of em'.

"I receive mail from the other Reno," Chief Holzschuh says, laughing.

That's just the beginning of the confusion.

"Our Public Works Director has noticed for quite some time he gets violations that are actually meant for the other city of Reno," Hunter says.

"The major issues would be the emergency response that's delayed because we have the wrong city, or they have the wrong place," Chief Holzschuh says.

"We had some folks from the general land office show up about an hour late, because they actually went to the other Reno," Hunter says.

Yeah... About that. Careful with Google maps.

"It doesn't have the ability to distinguish what you want," says Hunter.

"One of the two cities is going to have to have an adaptation change," Chief Holzschuh says.

Meanwhile, Hunter says those in the more north of the two Renos seem to be sticking to their guns.

"I left a message for their mayor, but that call hasn't been returned."

As the Reno in Parker County plans for growth, they hope for a Post Office, a zip code, and a new, historically-correct name.

"We hope to have less confusion," Chief Holzschuh says.

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