DALLAS(KDAF)—If you are single in Texas and looking for tall, dark, and handsome men, you might just find that you find dark and handsome more than tall.

Wisevoter, an online voting guide, lists the states’ average heights, as well as the states with the shortest average height.

Wisevoter said, “The average height in Texas is 5’6.“, ranking thirty-eighth in terms of average height. The average male height is 5’9.” while the average female height is 5’4.”. The average height in Texas has remained relatively stable over the past few decades”.

In Wisevoter’s list, Texas is ranked #8 for short states with average male heights, and #7 for short states with average female heights.

According to the study, the average height for a man is 5’9, and 5’4 is the average height for a woman.