DALLAS (KDAF) — What a time to be alive, it’s the fall, football is alive and well, the sun isn’t quite scorching down on Texas anymore and it’s Friday (at the writing of this story).

This particular Friday, October 14 is National Dessert Day, as if things couldn’t get even better. Dessert is a worldwide delicacy, “As an act of worship, ancient civilizations would offer dried fruits and honey to their gods. In Ancient Greece, a special sweet bread was made with nuts and honey to make an almost cake-like dish called plakous. It is believed the Ancient Greeks may have also invented pie, as Aristophanes mentions sweetmeats and pastries filled with fruit in his plays,” NationalToday explains.

We all know that Texas can do some food in a seriously delicious way, but who knew that some shops and restaurants would be home to some of the world’s best-rated desserts? TasteAtleas released its top 100 desserts in the world and below you’ll find the rankings of some of the world’s best.

Along with these rankings come some recommendations on where to find the very best of these desserts in the entire world and these Texas shops/restaurants were listed in the top five places for each of these desserts:

No. 76 Kolace – Czech Republic

  • Austin Kolache & Koffee
  • Kolache Factory – Austin

No. 67 Souffle – France

  • Rise nº1 Salon de Soufflé – Dallas

No. 64 Chocolate Chip Cookie – USA

  • JD’s Chippery – Dallas

No. 36 Chocolate Souffle

  • Rise nº1 Salon de Soufflé – Dallas