DALLAS (KDAF) — Texas knows how to do food right, there’s no question it’s the king of barbecue, Tex-Mex, and of course, steak.

If there’s ever a doubt about the level of steak Texas restaurants can cook up, we’re here to help get that out of here. We checked out a report from Eat This, Not That! on the most popular independent steakhouses in the country, and naturally, a Texas spot cracked this lucrative list.

“This year’s list is a refreshing return to form featuring an eclectic collection of different restaurants from all over the United States. In total, all of the included restaurants generated an incredible $1.8 billion in sales and served 272 million meals in 2021,” the report said.

For one of the best steaks in the country and in Texas, you’ll have to head down to Houston and get some meat at Taste of Texas Restaurant.

“Located in Houston, Taste of Texas steakhouse is a bit more casual than the other restaurants covered on this list so far. Considering the average check comes out to $64, this family-friendly restaurant is perfect for a more relaxed night out. Even better, there’s even a butcher shop in the steakhouse,” the report said.