DALLAS (KDAF) — Texas native Selena Gomez spoke out on Twitter Tuesday night after a shooting at a Uvalde elementary school left 19 students and two adults dead earlier in the day.

Gomez said, “Today in my home state of Texas 18 innocent students were killed while simply trying to get an education. A teacher killed doing her job; an invaluable yet sadly under appreciated job. If children aren’t safe at school where are they safe?”

She also called upon those with power in the U.S. to stop all the talk and take action by changing laws to prevent shootings like this one in the future.

“It’s so frustrating and I’m not sure what to say anymore. Those in power need to stop giving lip service and actually change the laws to prevent these shootings in the future,” Gomez tweeted along with a link to everytown.org.

Everytown is one of the largest gun violence prevention organizations in the United States, “Gun violence touches every town in America. For too long, life-saving laws have been thwarted by the gun lobby and by leaders who refuse to take common-sense steps that will save lives. But something is changing. More than 8 million mayors, moms, teachers, survivors, gun owners, students, and everyday Americans have come together to make their own communities safer. Everytown starts with you, and it starts in your neighborhood. By introducing evidence-based solutions in every town, we can end gun violence.”