Texas is the Best… Duh!

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If you’re a true Texan, you don’t need a survey to tell you that Texas is the best.

Duh! We know.

But Mylife.com felt the need to back us up and to boost our egos even more by ranking Texas as the most “Red, White & Blue” state in the nation.

And get this, five Texas towns are among the top 10 most proud American towns. Fort Worth is #4. San Antonio, Austin, El Paso and Houston are also on the list. Way to go Texas!

According to Mylife.com, San Diego lands in first place as the proudest town. Clearly those folks haven’t been to the Lone Star state.

The ranking took into consideration percentage of population in the armed forces, total spending on veterans, fireworks popularity on the Fourth of July, and community workers.

So, now you know, eating burgers, watching baseball games and driving a car made at home is not enough. To be a real patriotic American… you have to live in Texas, y’all!!

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