DALLAS (KDAF) — Man’s best friend, the goodest of boys and girls, dogs. We love to love dogs, no matter if you’re a dog person or not who can resist petting a puppy with the floppiest of ears, the widest of eyes, and a tail that just won’t stop wagging?

Texas, we salute you. A recent study shows a good amount of cities in the Lone Star State are among the most dog-friendly in the country, and rightfully so. SmartAsset checked out the 100 largest cities in the country for this list of the most and subsequently the least dog-friendly out of this list and Texas is all over the place.

“While spending on dogs continues to climb with each passing year, more and more cities have also grown in their dog-friendliness, even allowing patrons to enjoy the company of their dogs while they dine or shop,” the publication said.

Here’s how Texas cities fared:

  • Austin (No. 17)
  • Houston (No. 34)
  • Plano (No. 46)
  • San Antonio (No. 52)
  • Lubbock (No. 56)
  • Irving (No. 63)
  • Laredo (No. 77)
  • Fort Worth (No. 79 tie)
  • El Paso (No. 79 tie)
  • Dallas (No. 91)
  • Arlington (No. 93)
  • Garland (No. 97)