HOUSTON (CW39) Texas festivals always draw big crowds and you probably have your favorite. One stands out worldwide according to MovieMaker Magazine. This Texas Hollywood capitol has a festival that only gets bigger and bigger every year. So Austin stays not only weird but cool. 

MovieMaker source, producer, and writer Clint Bentley said “this isn’t a controversial choice, but I love this film festival. I appreciate the focus they put on writers (of both features and shorts) and they always send out a ‘producer’s packet’ with contact information for all the filmmakers that want to share it. It’s an amazing festival for discovering new filmmakers to collaborate with.”

Austin is also considered one of MovieMakers’ 50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee and one of their 15 Submission-Worthy Screenplay Competitions, making it a triple threat endorsement. Of course, Austin is known for its laid-back atmosphere, open to all, so it’s one of the best networking festivals on earth too.