DALLAS (KDAF) — When you think of the best international sandwiches, where does your mind go, and do you know have your go-to spot to find them in your city in the U.S.?

We’re curious for a few reasons, one, it’s National Sandwich Day on Thursday, Nov. 3 (woohoo!), and second, a report from Men’s Journal claims that America’s best version of one of the best international sandwiches, Vietnam’s Banh Mi, can be found in a Southeast Texas eatery.

NationalToday says, “When we go out to eat, nothing says continuity more than a sandwich. No matter where you go, if you order a ham and cheese, you know exactly what you’re going to get.”

If you’re looking to broaden your sandwich-eating horizons, look no further than Houston’s Roostar Vietnamese Grill for the country’s best Banh Mi.

The report said, “Anthony Bourdain described it as a “symphony of a sandwich” and the bánh mì does hit all the right notes. It’s a masterful combination of meat, pate, cucumber, mayonnaise, jalapeno, pickled carrot, and daikon (radish), all inside a crusty baguette. One bite and you’ll know you’ve found the perfect balance.”