DALLAS (KDAF) — When it comes to great coffee shops around the United States there’s no true shortage of the smallest of bean-roasting operations to the big guns that have expanded their latte-loving empires outside of their local homes.

Have you ever wondered about or wanted to try a vegan coffee shop? Did you even know such a thing was in fact, a thing? Well, Yelp took a look at the top vegan coffee shops around the country and found the 10 best you need to try.

“We all depend on our daily grind. While coffee is naturally vegan and plenty of us love it black, sometimes we find ourselves yearning for a quad latte with oat milk, please, extra foam! Not to mention some plant-based delights to smash into our faces while sipping on that jitter juice,” the report said.

The state of Texas continues its narrative of keeping it diverse and the city of Austin just so happens to have a vegan coffee shop listed among the top 10 in the entire country. If you’re in Central Texas or simply looking for an excellent vegan coffee option, you’ll have to head over to Dear Diary Coffeehouse.

“Add art hub and vegan deli to this coffee shop’s attributes. Imbibe in the seasonal dirty black matcha latte to get you going and follow up with one of their cold deli sandwiches. “Delicious breakfast tacos and kolaches and sweets and pastries – all locally made. Fun stationary and art made by local artists. Super nice staff and, of course, delicious coffee.” – Suzy D