DALLAS (KDAF) — When it comes to dining in the United States there are staples all over the place and cemented in different cities like New York having the best pizza, California having the best burritos, and of course, there’s nothing quite like Texas barbecue.

But would you believe that a Texas city is among the top spots in the country for seafood? Well, you best believe it as a report from Restaurant Clicks found the 15 US cities with the best seafood.

“From Italian cuisines to Chinese menus, Japanese dishes, and Cajun foods, seafood features prominently across the melting pot of American cultures. Keep an eye out for entrees like fried calamari, poke, shrimp etouffee, and more classic American foods,” the report said.

The report claims that Houston is one of the top spots in the country for seafood, and rightfully so, the city is filled with amazing eateries and has access to an ocean nearby fo quality Gulf-caught products to cook up.

The report said, “Like most of the cities on this list, Houston claims their signature style of oysters. In this southeast Texas city, be sure to ask for your oysters to be char-grilled. Another signature type of seafood in Houston, Texas is the redfish. This delicately-flavored and flaky fish represents a classic Gulf coast seafood dish.”