DALLAS (KDAF) — When you’re looking to spend Christmas with your friends and family, whose house do you usually go to, or better yet, what city do you choose as your holiday destination?

There are so many cities in the country that really do the holiday season right, but how on earth are you supposed to pick one? Well, we checked out a report from Attractions of America on the best places to spend Christmas in the USA to help you pick.

“Christmas is a magical time of year for everyone. Whether staying at home with the family or choosing to travel, you can do many different things for this celebration,” the report said.

We all know that Texas truly knows how to celebrate the holidays, and 2022 is seeing it happening yet again. The report ranked Fredericksburg as the No. 16 best spot to spend Christmas in America.

“Texans wine, historical sites, and a cozy city center, Fredericksburg is a lovely German town in the heart of Texas Hill Country. Anyone who wants to experience Christmas in Fredericksburg knows that even though this town is tiny, it has no shortage of beautiful places and festive things to do,” Attractions of America said.