DALLAS (KDAF) — It’s pizza, a big pie with sauce, it’s got the cheese (it’s got the cheese) we can’t imagine a more beautiful thing. Now, you may be confused about what’s happening, really quick, go back and re-read that first sentence in sing-song form.

Now that that’s over with, we’re talking pizza, obviously. Nothing can truly rival the pairing of beer and pizza whether you’re at the bonfire, at a restaurant, sitting alone in bed watching Netflix, or whatever the case may be, enjoying some beer and pizza should always be a part of your game plan.

Sunday, October 9 is International Beer and Pizza Day and you don’t really need an extra reason to celebrate, but here you go, “There are different kinds of beers to try out. Ale, lager, or stout, whatever beer you like, we bet there’s a pizza that pairs nicely with it. Here’s our pro tip — light beers pair nicely with light pizzas,” NationalToday said.

A report from Gayot found the best pizza restaurants in the country and an interesting thing about this ranking is that a Texas restaurant found itself in the top spot. “Starting to serve pizza in 1905, Lombardi’s in New York City is generally considered the first pizzeria in America. Thus began the country’s love affair with pizza — that magical medley of dough, sauce and melty cheese,” the report said.

So, for the best pizza in Texas and the U.S., you’ll have to travel down to the Southeast Texas city of Houston and grab a slice or a whole pie at Bollo Woodfired Pizza. “Houston’s Bollo Woodfired Pizza sources real buffalo mozzarella and 00 flour from Italy. Of course, there’s a Margherita pie on the menu; however, the true standouts are the Biancos, like the Bianco de Bollo with a base of extra virgin olive oil, basil, tomatoes and mozzarella,” Gayot said.