DALLAS (KDAF) — Brownies are one of the gifts to the world that will continue giving until the sun decides not to shine anymore because if you’re having a bad day, eating a freshly baked brownie will turn that frown upside in a snap.

We’re celebrating all things brownie because Thursday, December 8 is National Brownie Day! “Ding ding ding! Vanna, show them what they’ve won! Brownies are rich in flavor and definitely a guilty pleasure of ours. No matter hot or cold, they are delicious. Don’t believe us? We dare you to tell us otherwise,” National Today said.

So, where can you find the best brownies in the world, you may be wondering. Well, it’s a good thing you’re checking this article out, as food experts have been put to the task of letting the world know just where the world’s best brownies are.

Of course, the state of Texas was not left off of the top 10 as a San Antonio bakery has some serious street cred when it comes to brownies.

  1. Baked – New York City
  2. Fat Witch Bakery – New York City
  3. Gracias Madre – West Hollywood
  4. Milk Bar East Village – New York City
  5. Baked and Wired – Washington D.C.
  6. Huckleberry Cafe – Santa Monica
  7. Bird Bakery – San Antonio
  8. Big Island Candie – Honolulu
  9. Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats – Washington D.C.
  10. Sweet Mandy B’s – Chicago

Over at the Bird Bakery in San Antonio, you can find so much more than just sweets as they serve breakfast, soup, protein plates, sandwiches, pies, cookies, bars & brownies, custom cakes, and cupcakes.

The bakery says, “At the end of each day, all remaining cupcakes and treats are given to local non-profits and philanthropies and we begin baking again the very next morning. We would never sell “day old” or discounted product and guarantee that as our guest, you are enjoying the freshest delights baked just hours within your visit. Enjoy!”