KDAF (DALLAS) — A new study shows Taylor Swift is officially America’s most influential celebrity, with the singer holding the record for the most Google searches with 4.5 million monthly.

Digital marketing experts at Authority Hacker analyzed the top 50 most followed accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. A total of 90 celebrities were analyzed throughout each platform as well as the number of monthly Google searches.

“Swift appeared as one of the top five most searched celebrities across every state, and it was also revealed that she could earn up to $625,700 for a single sponsored post if monetized to her audience of more than 274 million followers on Instagram, highlighting just how influential she is. As she continues to make headlines with her new romance with NFL star, Travis Kelce, it would not be surprising to see this monthly figure grow,” the study mentioned.

Elon Musk was the second most influential celebrity in America with an average of 2.8 million Google searches monthly across the nation. The full list is below.

The most influential celebrities in America:

RankCelebrityAvg. monthly Google searches
1.Taylor Swift4,596,158
2.Elon Musk2,818,100
3.Lebron James2,782,268
5.Selena Gomez2,042,632
6.Leo Messi2,029,113
7.Kim Kardashian1,986,785
8.Ariana Grande1,735,893
9.Justin Bieber1,653,132
10.Billie Eilish1,628,522