Susan Hawk Helps Try Murder Case

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DALLAS–This murder trial’s getting a lot of attention.

Not because of the defendent: Quavize Jones.

Or the victim: his girfriend, Marietta Shaw.

This time, one of the prosecutors is the center of attention: Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk.

She’s helping try the case, officially serving as what’s called “second chair.” It’s Hawk’s first time in court since she went MIA before admitting she was being treated for depression.

And she started with an error. Twice in opening statements, she told the jury the murder happened on August 24, 2014.


The crime actually happened two months later on October 24, 2014.

The opening statements got heated with an outburst from the defendant’s brother. Bailiffs threw him out of the courtroom.

All the daytime drama and date errors aside, it’s pretty rare for the DA to actually help try a case in a county this size. Maybe she’s trying to prove to her critics she’s really up to the task.

We say more power to her. But she’d better double check her dates.


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