DALLAS (KDAF) — We get it: sports can be a really sore subject for a lot of people, especially for Dallas Cowboys fans.

That’s according to a new survey from NJ.bet. They surveyed more than 1,100 NFL fans to determine which players, coaches and fanbases are the rudest and most easily offended in the league.

Officials say that half of the people they surveyed were men, 48% were women and 2% were transgender. The average age of a respondent was 40 years old.

So how did America’s team hold up? Well, according to the study, their fans were named the most easily offended fan base in the entire league. Hopefully, we don’t offend them by saying that.

Coaches and players were also namedropped in this survey. Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy was named the 3rd most thin-skinned coach in the league and Dak Prescott was named the 5th most easily offended quarterback in the league.

Cowboys fans were also named some of the rudest fans in the entire NFL, ranking as the third rudest fan base in the entire league. That is certainly not a good look.

Respondents said some of the rudest fan behaviors included:

  1. Standing up/blocking view
  2. Getting drunk
  3. Cutting in line
  4. Heckling
  5. Blocking aisle
  6. Not attending to children
  7. Using profanity
  8. Stealing seats or “squatting”
  9. Always leaving seat
  10. Talking on phone

For the full report, click here.