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DALLAS (KDAF) — When it comes to owning a home there are multiple factors at play and different factors matter more or less to different people. Having a self-sustaining home could be useful not only for the pocketbook but also to give mother nature a hand as well.

Just where could you live to give you the best chance of having a self-sustaining home? Recently Lawn Love put out a study of 2022’s Best Cities for Self-Sustaining Homes.

The study says, “We considered 17 factors, such as solar potential and generation and friendliness to off-grid and sustainable lifestyles. We also looked at the number of existing green and LEED-certified homes, as well as laws and limitations related to composting and water use.”

The Lone Star State fared pretty well when it comes to having cities that a keen for self-sustaining homes:

  • Austin (4)
  • Houston (13)
  • Dallas (14)
  • San Antonio (30)
  • El Paso (32)
  • Midland (51)
  • McKinney (73)
  • Plano (76)
  • Irving (77)
  • Fort Worth (78)

Here’s what Lawn Love had to say about the Lone Star State:

Texas is the best state for living off-grid, so it’s no surprise that it’s also a superb state for building self-sustaining homes.

Austin lands at No. 4, while Houston (No. 13) and Dallas (No. 14) also impress. These cities each have abundant green homes for sale, as well as plenty of sustainable home builders and solar contractors for hire, on top of a high Self-Reliance score.

Solar power has been keeping this fast-growing state’s grid running throughout this hot summer. Other sustainable practices, such as driving electric vehicles and biking, are rising in popularity in the Lone Star State, too.

Go green, cowpokes – Lawn Love