DALLAS (KDAF) — Being a new driver can be nerve-wracking no matter where in the world you’re starting your time behind the wheel. If you’re in the U.S., these are the states that could be the best or worst for you to get started, according to a study done by Wallethub.

“Getting a driver’s license is considered a rite of passage in American culture. But this exciting coming-of-age has instead become a death sentence for thousands of teens each year. Motor-vehicle accidents are the second leading cause of death among the population aged 16 to 19, which also happens to be the age group with the highest risk of crashes,” Wallethub’s Adam McCann writes.

Let’s first take a look at the top and bottom ten:


  1. New York
  2. Washington
  3. Illinois
  4. Maryland
  5. Oregon
  6. Hawaii
  7. California
  8. Louisiana
  9. New Jersey
  10. Kentucky

Now for the bottom:

  • Montana (50)
  • Wyoming (49)
  • Missouri (48)
  • South Dakota (47)
  • North Dakota (46)
  • Nebraska (45)
  • Idaho (44)
  • Arkansas (43)
  • Mississippi (42)
  • New Hampshire (41)

Texas was ranked at the No. 16 spot!