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DALLAS (KDAF) — Dallas is leading the way when it comes to seniors staying active in the workforce, and experts say the number is expected to grow.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, 30.3% of Dallas seniors are still working, exceeding the national average of 21%. The city ranks third among the top 20 cities for seniors working past retirement age with a total senior population of 146,297.

“Whether it’s due to delaying retirement or “unretiring” and going back to work, more than one in five seniors nationwide are still participating in the workforce,” the study mentioned.

The studies’ rankings were based on an analysis of the percentage of seniors aged 65 and over who remained actively employed within the last year in 170 cities across the country, using data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Plano, Arlington and Frisco, also boast interesting statistics. Plano (No. 6) has a 28.9% employment rate among seniors, with a median senior household income of $66,982. Arlington (No. 11) follows closely with 27.1% employed seniors and a median senior household income of $50,775. Frisco (No. 17) comes behind with a 26.2% employment rate among its elderly, with a significantly higher median senior household income of $74,412.

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