Student denied lunch because she owed 15 cents to school!

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TEXAS -- Imagine being lunched shamed because you were a little short in cash.

Well, that happened to a Florida teen. She was denied lunch over a mere 15 cents!

"She puts her food on the tray, gets to the front, gives her number to the cashier and she says, well, you owe 15 cents. And she said she didn't have any money. So the cashier took her food." said Kimberly Aiken, mother of the young girl.

And to make matters worse, Aiken said her daughter went all day without eating.

"That's the big thing is eat breakfast and eat lunch so they can make sure that they're doing good on their work,"  said Aiken. "But then you starve my child."

Now we're hearing from the school. In a statement Voilusia County school officials said,

"The school is always willing to work with students and families as needed. The school will be contacting the family directly to help resolve this issue."

This is an issue Texas public schools don't need to worry about. Just last year, Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill that ends "lunch shaming."

So, instead of throwing the meal away because a child can't afford to pay, schools will offer a meal regardless of their situation. Something Aiken's wished could have happened to her daughter.

"You want to make sure that your kids are coming to school and they're being taken care of. We already have all these scary things happening but the one thing you don't want them to worry about is are they going to be able to eat when they go to lunch," said Aiken.

The next day Aiken's daughter brought a quarter to school to pay the balance but the cafeteria worker said everything was taken care of.

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