String of attacks has the Dallas LGBTQ community shaken up

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OAK LAWN –A current string of attacks in the Oak Lawn area has the LGBTQ community all shaken up.

“Everybody has to be on their guard you know the patrons, the bar owners certainly law enforcement’s,” Resource Center’s Rafael McDonnell said. “We don’t want a repeat of what we faced a couple of years ago in the oak lawn neighborhood.”

It wasn’t too long ago that same area, affectionately known as, “Gayborhood,” was plagued with attack after attack, and unfortunately, it seems to be happening again.

“We’ve had multiple attacks here since the beginning of the month most recently Wednesday morning where we had employees at one of the LGBTQ night club establishments here in Dallas who was robbed as they were leaving work,” McDonnell said. “At a second bar not to far away we had patrons who being robbed and it appears that the suspects may be the same.”

Since the latest string of crimes started on May 5th, there have been at least three attacks that have left several people victimized, and now the community is taking matters into their own hands. “Take Back Oak Lawn,” an organization that works to keep the neighborhood safe, has issued a crime advisory warning those in the area to remain vigilant and cautious of their surroundings. They’re also performing citizen patrols.

The Dallas Police Department isn’t saying much, basically saying they are aware of the incidents and are looking into them. But, for a neighborhood that’s no doubt been through a lot over the past years, let ‘s hope the latest string of attacks get’s cut off sooner rather than later.

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