Stinky Situation: ‘Dream Team’ Unveils Another Trinity River Plan

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DALLAS – Here we go again. There’s yet another plan for the Trinity River in Dallas.  Feels like the 400th, right?

“We’ve been talking about this since 1986,” Councilwoman Carolyn R. Davis for District 7 said.

Well, this time, Mayor Rawlings put together a “dream team.” It includes some of the best designers in the world. They put together a plan that meets in the middle for those who want a place to enjoy nature and those who want a way around South Dallas traffic.

We’re talking a four-lane parkway surrounded by trees, parking areas on both sides with many entry points for easy access to the park, and tons of landscaping to beautify the area.

Seems like traffic haters and nature lovers can come together with this one.

By the way, the possibility of a larger freeway, Alternative 3C, is still on the table.

Well, what are the chances of this actually coming to fruition?  Will Dallas’ City Council work together?

If Thursday’s comments from the special meeting are any indication…

“Dishonesty, lack of integrity that I have seen in a council,” Councilwoman Vonciel Jones Hill for District 3 said.

“So, Mr. Kingston is trying to put our balls in a vice over that,” Councilman Lee Kleinman for District 11 said.

“They do not know how to put the ball through the basket,” Councilman Jerry R. Allen for District 10 said.

Well, you may have to wait another 29 years before South Dallas folks can beat the traffic and take a job in Trinity River Park.

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