Snowy owl lost in Texas flying back to Minnesota, in comfort

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LUCAS — A Texas woman made a rare discovery a few months ago while working in Denison.

She found a snowy owl, a bird that has no business being this far south.

“He got lost.” says Erich Neupert with the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center.

Laura Johns, who found the bird says she could tell there was something wrong. “I could see that he wasn`t going to fly, and he was just kind of hobbling a little bit.”

He was starving, with an injured wing and totally out of his element. Snowy owls belong way north of Texas, but sometimes fly south looking for food.

And now they are returning him back to the wild, sending him to Minnesota. “We were able to get this bird strong, healthy, flying properly.” says Neupert.

Yes, his wings are repaired, but he`s flying back, commercially. “He gets two of his own seats.” Neupert has never heard about this happening before. “That’s what’s going to be very funny about this, to see if Southwest makes any kind of special announcement. To say, we have a really cool guest on our plane today heading back north and it’s a snowy owl.”

A happy ending, but in all seriousness, a hard goodbye. I didn’t know it was going to go this far, I didn’t know he was going to touch so many people.” says Johns.

Have a good flight, snowy owl.

Yes, pun intended.

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