DALLAS (KDAF) — If you’re ever having a bad day, just fork up like $15 and get some tacos to soothe your soul and if you’re really looking for a big boost, you can do your best to find the best.

While it is National Crunchy Taco Day on Tuesday, March 21 it’s time to celebrate tacos of all kinds, especially the best, “According to recent studies, tacos contain 21% protein, 24% carbs and 12% fat, versus a Fiber bar’s 15% of protein, 7% of carbs and 18% of fat. Orale,” National Today said.

While tacos around Texas are always going to be good, it’s important to find the best of the rest, that’s why we checked out a report from Mashed on the Best Tacos in Every State.

The top taco of Texas belongs to an eatery in San Antonio called The Little Taco Factory, “If you’re in Texas and you’re looking for the state’s best taco, you need to wake up early. That’s because the best tacos in Texas are actually breakfast tacos.

“At The Little Taco Factory in San Antonio, you will find highly reviewed breakfast tacos that come in a variety of combinations. While it’s difficult to go wrong, the most flavorful of the bunch is their Chorizo and Egg Breakfast Taco. The savory sausage and the egg combine to create an absolute fiesta in your mouth,” the report said.