DALLAS (KDAF) — One of the greatest breakfast items and baked goods of all time is being celebrated in October and honestly, whenever it’s under 80 degrees it deserves to be consumed by lovers of all things sugar and carbs.

National Cinnamon Roll Day is on Tuesday, October 4 and NationalToday says, “This day was first celebrated 19 years ago in Sweden and the love for this day is just as sweet. All over the country, people bake and enjoy various types of cinnamon rolls on this day.  Whether you buy ’em or bake ’em,  on National Cinnamon Roll Day, let the sweet times roll!”

We wanted to know where in the country one could find the best cinnamon rolls to dive head first into. Wouldn’t you know that a Texas restaurant made the list?

Mashed released a report of the best cinnamon rolls in the country and said, “Few things scream weekend breakfast like a fresh cinnamon roll. They can come fluffy or flaky, rich or light, dainty or monstrous. Aside from the fact that they’re a spiral-shaped baked good with cinnamon and butter rolled into the layers, it’s hard to say what exactly defines them. And deciding what makes one particular cinnamon roll the best is an even harder task.”

Here’s where you can find the best cinnamon rolls in the U.S.:

  • Kanela – Chicago
  • Lodge Bread Co. – Los Angeles
  • Breads Bakery – New York City
  • Knaus Berry Farm – Miami
  • Biagio’s Donut Shop and Pizzeria – Cleveland
  • Ann Sather – Chicago
  • The Corner Cafe – Kansas City
  • Donut King – Kansas City
  • Old West Cinnamon Rolls – Pismo Beach
  • Mrs. Powell’s Bakery – Idaho Falls
  • Cupboard Cafe – New Harbor
  • Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls – Nashville (Indiana)
  • Flavors Bakery – Cullman
  • Koala Kolache – Cyprus

You’ll have to head on down to Southeast Texas to eat one of the best cinnamon rolls in Texas and the country for that matter. Mashed says, “Koala Kolache in Texas brings old bakery favorites to life in new and interesting ways. The baked goods are all made from scratch and each one delivers exciting flavors. Nevertheless, even on a menu packed with creativity, it’s hard for a Nutella cinnamon roll to just blend in.”

For a more in-depth look at this delicious report, click here!