DALLAS (KDAF) — If you’re a lover of Pokemon the cartoon show, trading card game, or video game, you know the vibes are you’ve got to catch them all!

This is especially true on Monday, Feb. 27 as it is National Pokemon Day, “The Pokemon phenomenon never dies — and it doesn’t fade away, either. Just a few years after the Pokemon craze came and supposedly went, it’s still going strong,” National Today said.

So, the question begs, what is the most popular Pokemon in Texas and even America?

Texas joins California, Nevada, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Ohio, Georgia, and South Carolina as the states loving Greninja out of all the Pokemon in this incredible fictitious universe. The majority of Americans’ most popular Pokemon is, of course, Pikachu.

The site explains, “Pokemon are fictional creatures (or are they?) which we humans need to catch. Once they’re caught, we must train them to battle each other for sport. Let’s do it!”