DALLAS (KDAF) — One of the greatest sweet treats known to mankind is the ever-so-delicious ice cream and in the state of Texas, there’s no bad time for a bowl, cone or a milkshake if that tickles your fancy.

It’s that time of the year, again, as Tuesday, December 13 is National Ice Cream Day! “Almost as soon as ice cream was sold in America, people started adding new flavors and experimenting with the creation process. Now, more than 200 years later, it’s hard to imagine a flavor of ice cream that’s yet to be invented. Bacon, garlic, wasabi, and fish egg ice cream flavors are all out there at the moment, just to name a few,” National Today said.

So, as we know everything is bigger in Texas, and that’s especially true with the number of incredible spots to get ice cream, but what shop is above the rest?

A report from Reader’s Digest checked out the best ice cream shops in every state, and the Texas pick can be found in multiple big cities. All you’ll have to do is find your local Amy’s Ice Cream in Austin, Houston, or San Antonio!

“Locals will emphatically tell you that Amy’s in Austin is the best place in the Lone Star State for ice cream. For 30 years, Amy’s has created more than 1,000 flavors, 350 of which are in a daily rotation, with what seems like just as many topping options. You can’t not go big in Texas, so travelers should swing by this groovy shop. There are also stores in Houston and San Antonio,” the report said.

It all started in Austin, back in the 1980s and it’s got multiple spots to try its ice cream at around Longhorn country. “From 6th Street to South Lamar to US-183 we’ve got your ice cream and we’ll throw it to you! See the sights of Austin and come on down to your neighborhood Amy’s,” the shop said.