DALLAS (KDAF) — Getting a home is a dream for many people in the United States, but it can be an expensive process, especially if you’re just now getting started. So, how many years will you need to work to afford a down payment?

A report from Smart Asset answered that very question as they say the housing market has been up and down over the past year.

“Now, Americans are seeing prices cool after the Federal Reserve announced a series of interest rate hikes. This has raised mortgage rates, however, squeezing buyer budgets and making the homebuying process daunting in new ways,” the report said.

While no Texas cities cracked the top 10 of cities where it takes the longest to save for a down payment, two did make their way into the top 25.

  • No. 24 Dallas: 2.77 years for a 12% down payment & 4.61 years for a 20% down payment
  • No. 14 Austin: 3.64 years for a 12% down payment & 6.07 years for a 20% down payment