DALLAS (KDAF) — Deep in the heart of Texas you’ll find incredible cities like Austin (Longhorn country) and Houston (incredible sport & foodie city) and while they’re amazing to live in, what are the best cities to reside in in 2023?

A report from PODS found the best cities throughout the Lone Star State to live in that aren’t Austin or Houston.

“Curious about what living in Texas looks like — beyond its two most hyped cities? Sure, Austin and Houston get a lot of love in Texas, but there’s plenty of Lone Star State to go around. And we’re happy to give you a closer look at a handful of our other favorite Texas cities to live in,” the report said.

The report found that these are the cities calling your name to move to in 2023:

  1. Dallas
  2. Plano
  3. El Paso
  4. Corpus Christi
  5. San Antonio
  6. Fort Worth
  7. Irving
  8. Arlington
  9. Lubbock

They dove deep into each city and what it brings to the table in terms of living in them and what they provide for families in terms of pricing and more.