DALLAS (KDAF) — Getting the go and going to your go-to drive-thru is always easy to do when needing a quick bite, but what if the ride was the one making the meals? Confused? Don’t be we’re talking about food trucks.

Food trucks have become a part of American culture and they even have some of the best food that beats out restaurants across the country and even the world. There’s nothing more satisfying than grabbing some tacos or chili from a food truck and sitting around with your family or friends on a cool October day.

We checked out a report from Love Food on America’s 50 best food trucks and we know that Texas is called the Lone Star State, but could a secondary nickname be added as the Food Truck State? Just some food for thought as Texas food trucks are engrained in this list.

The report says, “You don’t have to visit a brick-and-mortar restaurant to taste some of America’s greatest dishes. The USA’s food truck scene is flourishing, and many carts have tasty menus to rival the country’s best-loved restaurants.”

Let’s dive into these driveable food spots:

  • Kerlin BBQ – Austin
  • Dee Dee – Austin
  • Waffle Love – Texas (Round Rock)

It might not be in Texas but food trucks in Indiana, Old Gold Barbecue, and one in Oregon, Matt’s BBQ, are serving up some Texas-style barbecue, so, they can be cousins in this foodie family.