DALLAS (KDAF) — The new year brings in the chance and mentality to change out bad habits for good ones and people across the country are battling daily to maintain their resolutions.

A report from Gallus Medical Detox Centers found which vices Americans are trying to quit in 2023; they looked at Google search data across the country to determine what people are most eager to quit.

The report found that alcohol, tobacco, and pornography are the top three vices people are trying to quit, while “How to stop biting nails” was the second most-searched term found in their analysis.

“Whether they typed in how to quit drinking or how to stop drinking beer, more people searched Google for help with alcohol addiction than any other habit. Americans also want to stop using tobacco and watching pornography, as these two habits made our list in second and third place. Cannabis-related search terms came in fifth, with people entering queries like how to stop smoking weed,” the report said.

Texas, alongside California, Georgia, Maryland, and Utah are the states looking to quit pornography the most over other vices which was fourth on the list in the entire country behind sugar, tobacco, and cannabis.