DALLAS (KDAF) — Everyone says this spot in Dallas is the best, or this eatery in Houston is top-notch, but a report from Taste of Home is claiming a Mexican restaurant in this Texas city has the best food in the state.

We checked out this report to see what restaurant is receiving all of the hype when it comes to Mexican cuisine, and Taste of Home says you’ll have to travel to Central Texas to get a taste of the in the Lone Star State.

All you need to do is walk into Fonda San Miguel in the city of Austin to get a taste even presidents of the past raved about, “In the state that literally created Tex-Mex, it’s tough to pick a favorite—so we let U.S. presidents do it. Both Lyndon B. Johnson and George W. Bush have eaten at Fonda San Miguel, the stunning Austin landmark that’s been dishing out some of the freshest, most authentic Mexican food in Texas since the 1970s.”

The report also dished out the top spot for every other state in the US, for more, click here!

Check out this Central Texas restaurant’s story:

“In a bold move rarely seen in the culinary world, Fonda San Miguel is proud to introduce co-chefs whose individual skills combine to solidify Fonda San Miguel’s reputation for serving the finest in authentic interior and coastal Mexican cuisine.

Bienvenido a nuestros co-cocineros Blanca Zesati and Carlos Monroy! Side-by-side, Zesati and Monroy enhance Fonda San Miguel’s impeccable reputation by curating the De la Tierra menu which premiered in the spring of 2022. The selections consist of 100% plant-based, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free dishes.  All are dishes rooted in the traditional recipes of interior and coastal regions of Mexico while returning to what the earth provides, thus the name De la Tierra.”