DALLAS (KDAF) — It’s easy for Texans and those who frequently travel to the Lone Star State to know in their hearts, minds, and stomachs that the best barbecue is found here.

The question does beg though, what restaurants in the state have not only the best BBQ but some of the most unique of this cuisine as well? We checked out a report from Food & Wine that looked into this very thing.

Food & Wine reports that if you’re looking for some good ole Texas barbecue, you’re going to want to stop at Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor. “Third-generation owner Wayne Mueller’s lion-level status in the industry leaves plenty of room to stretch out and get comfortable, but you’ll nearly always find one of the country’s great brisket palaces running like a tight ship —simple, honest, classic, essentially perfect,” the publication wrote.

But that’s not all; the report also mentions Fort Worth’s Goldee’s if you’re looking for some incredible Laotion sausages or some brisket wrapped up in tortillas at San Antonio’s 2M Smokehouse.

Of course, there are more places out there, but if you’ve been going to the same few places, might as well give some other Texas BBQ staples across the state a try.

If you’re looking for some extra motivation, Wednesday, October 12 is National Pulled Pork Day, and NationalToday says, “Pork. Cooked. Slowly. Celebrate this classic Texas-style dish on National Pulled Pork Day. And bring along your favorite barbecue sauce! Fun fact: Back in 2016, Sonny’s BBQ set the Guinness World Record for the “Largest Serving of Pulled Pork” — a hefty 2,012 pounds of this dish.”