DALLAS (KDAF) — When it comes to fast food everyone has their preferences for every cuisine, whether it be burgers, chicken, BBQ, donuts, pizza, and, of course, tacos.

Food & Wine took a look at the best fast-food restaurants across the country in each state to see just what spots are locals obsessed with in a new report.

The report said, “Here’s what we looked for in a fast food restaurant, as we ate our way across the country: at least a handful of locations and counting, mostly in their home state, though we didn’t always discriminate against states that have birthed bonafide regional favorites, or those that remain content with spectacular one-offs.”

Now, Texas is known for barbecue and its meats there’s no doubt about that and the love for Whataburger is unmatched, but it was a taco place that took the top spot in the Lone Star State according to this report. The top regional fast food spot in Texas is taco Palenque.

Taco Palenque can be found in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and all over South Texas. They serve breakfast, tacos, plates, burritos, parrilladas, antojitos, desserts, and more.

The report touts, “Three dozen locations — stretching all the way from Monterrey, Mexico up to Austin and Houston — might sound like a lot in a normal state, but this is Texas, with its thousands of miles of freeway, very often lined with a dizzying array of fast and casual dining options that will be almost entirely unfamiliar to out of staters.”